Here are a few (old) snippets of some of my music.

Title Description Year
Cinematic Fantasy A fantasy inspired movie theme. 1996
Warm violins Dramatic, string based snippet. 1996
Cinematic2 A fantasy inspired movie theme. Just a snippet. 1997
Funky Funky little snippet. 1997
Mechatronic Early Genesis inspired little snippet. 1997
Westcoast Electric piano, piano, strings. Very "west coast". 1997
Mystic Contemporary. 1997
Arabic Contemporary, eastern inspired snippet. 1997
Breaking Illusions Song featuring me with a severe cold. Doesn't sound that good, will make better recording eventually. 1998
Passion Song featuring Anna. 1998
Heavenly Rain Piano/EP based song featuring Sungha. 1998
I Believe Soft ballad featuring Sungha. 1999
Pizza Pizzicato strings. Trying out some new hardware. Just a snippet. 2002
The Longing Spy Film music. Bondish thingy. 2002
For Yunha Just piano. 2004
Aftermath Trying out the XV-88 arpeggiator. 2004
Aftermath2 Aftermath + piano. 2004
Grief ... 2004
Tong A Game music for a friend. 2005
Tong B Game music for a friend. 2005
Airie Smooth Jazz. 2006
Nostalgia Piano + awful strings. 2006
Starstrider Quick shot at theme music for Starstrider. 2008
Adventure Contemporary cinematics. 2008
Cubase 4 Test Smooth Jazz. 2008
Fonky Kinda funky bass. 2009