Wanted command: reset/rescan/reinit/whatever-you-fancy

FairDJ is a music jukebox designed for a room with a couple of people in it and one set of speakers. The users rate songs, and the program selects songs so that everybody gets to hear music they like.

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Wanted command: reset/rescan/reinit/whatever-you-fancy

Postby mattias » 2006.02.23 14:27

Scans through all mediadir and find new directorys and files. It would be really, really nice if the server does not go down (like mserv) during the scan but continue to play music and lets users queue and rate music up to the point where the db is updated "atomically"... :-)

While at it, enable that one can have several <mediadir> tags in settings.xml, letting each being a root for music files.

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Postby Marcus » 2006.02.23 15:00

Good point. Support for several media dirs is actually built into the interface hierarchy, just not fully implemented yet. Will hopefully add support for it this weekend. The rescan command should be pretty easily implemented, we may avoid pausing execution altogether if the rescan operation updates an entirely new database and swaps it for the old after the full update. This will however consume a lot of memory. We'll see...

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