It would be nice with a graphical interface for the server

FairDJ is a music jukebox designed for a room with a couple of people in it and one set of speakers. The users rate songs, and the program selects songs so that everybody gets to hear music they like.

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It would be nice with a graphical interface for the server

Postby mattias » 2006.02.23 15:22

I have my mediacomputer plugged into my TV. Rather than depend on the default screen saver it would be nice with a graphical output from the server that could do funky stuff on the TV set.

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Postby Marcus » 2006.02.23 16:08

With my upcoming plugin framework that is easily accomplished. You can actually start implementing such a plugin in right away. ;)

Implement Runnable and net.sf.fairdj.util.XmlEnabled in your plugin. Use net.sf.fairdj.FairDJFactory.getFactory() to get at the different subsystems. Register listeners with the subsystems you need to react on. Voila!

I'll make sure your plugin will be recognized in the next version of FairDJ. :)

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