FairDJ 0.2.9 beta released!

FairDJ is a music jukebox designed for a room with a couple of people in it and one set of speakers. The users rate songs, and the program selects songs so that everybody gets to hear music they like.

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FairDJ 0.2.9 beta released!

Postby Marcus » 2006.04.06 22:55

Bunch of different fixes:

* Set commands now work.
* Asearch now finds albums, not tracks.
* Not using System.exit to exit program.
* Playback now stops when last user logs off.
* Songs queued by a user are removed when that user leaves.
* Better handling of problems that occur when playing.
* NPE in kick fixed.
* Now alpha support for seeking in MP3 streams.

For more information, see the bugzilla.

Download here:

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