FairDJ 1.0.0 is released!

FairDJ is a music jukebox designed for a room with a couple of people in it and one set of speakers. The users rate songs, and the program selects songs so that everybody gets to hear music they like.

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FairDJ 1.0.0 is released!

Postby Marcus » 2006.06.19 20:47

The very first major release of Fair DJ is here!

* Override options for Mserv trackinfo. (Please see the updated settings file.)
* Improvements in how track names are resolved from file.
* New locate command to locate the path for a certain track.
* Upgraded unqueue command.
* Seek now checks parameters.

For more information, see the bugzilla at http://www.hirt.se/bugzilla/.

1. The xml settings file must be upgraded.
2. The http-server is disabled when FairDJ is first started. It must be started with the command "plugin start http". If you wish to always start the http server, set the startonload attribute of the http element to true in your settings file.

Download here:

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